Popular Smartwatch Options In The Market


Similar to a smartphone, a smartwatch helps in accessing certain information and smart features that make your life easier and convenient. Most of the smartwatches have an app that has to be installed to use to effectively. Even though all the watches look the same, each one of them is different in its own way. Therefore, it is great to choose the best smartwatch that is available and get going. We have tested some smartwatches for you and here are the reviews to help you decide better. After understanding how they work, it might be easy for you to decide if you want to buy yourself a smartwatch.

Pebble Smartwatch
This watch has a very simple look and it has an e-paper screen that makes reading the notifications on the watch very simple. You just have to shake your hand to access the notifications that are displayed. It has different watch faces and this can be upgraded by installing more. There are also apps that you might have to download for additional functionality and this is usually very simple.

After pairing the watch using the Bluetooth, you will be able to see the notifications from the phone on the watch. You should be able to choose what notifications you would like to see and what you don’t. The pebble vibrates whenever there are any notifications and displays a small text indicating the same. You can press the buttons to see any additional information you would like to see. You can also scroll through longer messages using these buttons. Whenever you get a call, you can choose to ignore or accept without picking up your phone. Apart from the notifications, you can set alarms, control music, track fitness activities such as running, walking and biking. There are also many other apps that you can download and use it for a better experience.

The Martian Victory
At the first look, this looks like an ordinary watch that is a little bulky. But it has a little LED display at the bottom that helps you with the notifications. A smartphone app that is available for both Android and Apple devices makes this compatible with all phones. Another additional feature is that you can set quiet hours during which time you do not want to receive the notifications on the watch.

One of the biggest differences between Martian and other watches is that it accepts voice control. You can Sync the phone to a Bluetooth Speaker and use voice commands for controlling the smartwatch. Android users can directly connect it with Google Now and iPhone users can use it with Siri. It also allows you to answer calls from the watch. Although this sounds a little complicated, it is definitely worth trying. The voice conversation is very clear and it does not have any technical difficulties like echoing or lag in the signal.

The build quality of the watch is also great with a metal face that is paired with a silicone band. If you’re looking for something more that looks a little classy, you can go for the leather strap models. You can also customize the watch using the widgets available.