Jean Paul Gut

Jean Paul Gut was born on 1, 1961 and a graduate of Instut d’ Etudes Politiques de Paris with a master degree in economy. He has handled high ranking position; marketing directorship, international development and strategy at EADS. Beginning his first career in 1983 as an Export Vice President for the renowned organization Matra Defense which is a conglomerate of Matra Group; His career accelerated and five years down the line he was appointed Export Marketing and Sales executive director. Most of Jean –Paul Gut professional life is defined by moving from one rank to the other at Matra defense company. Matra defense empowered Juan and equipped him technically to build a future of his own through a consulting company.

Juan Paul Gut combined both defense skills and aviation thus exposing him to global development, the state of the art technology and latest mode of strategy. Shifting from one rank to the other gave Paul broad perspective of thinking and global set up in terms of business. Gut was mandated with most of the global business operations at Matra. Lagardere is one of the partner companies of Matra which Paul doubled up as a international business director and other sectors of the state of the technology. Above all that he was the overall adviser of the group.

Jean Paul Gut learned various business management principles and consultation thus nurturing his idea putting into practical by creating a consulting firm in London. This paved way for service provision extension to the global space to the French and European organization. This creating a link of international investors and the local companies to strike deals. This meant that those companies were up for big things like handling of big projects and the main prospective clients were airbus. Jean Paul’s gut plays an integral and pivotal role as an intermediary for all the above to happen. His vast in international business, global space and professional consultation.