The Wonders A Wifi Extender Can Do To Wireless Signal

We need internet like we need water and food. This is slowly becoming the way of life. Being online is not the end of it. One requires both a fast and reliable connection. Slow speed or a signal that drops, again and again, is beyond frustrating. Sadly, most Wi-Fi routers have a minimal range. It means in big homes or building the wireless signal is not good enough. The solution comes in the form of the best wifi extender possible. A range extender is a simple, easy and cheap way to increase the range of wifi signals. We recommend you to Check It Out, now!

Understanding a Wifi Extender
A range extender or a Wifi extender is a device or a networking gadget that increases the signal of your internet. It does so by taking the signal from the router and improving the range till which the signal can reach. Using a Wifi extender ensures that those places at home or in an office that are dead zones get a good enough signal strength. Simple said, all your devices will stay connected to the wireless no matter what part of the house or office you are in.

Advantages of a Range Extender
The apparent benefit of a Wifi extender is the improvement of wireless range. This ensures that every tablet and Smartphone catches a better signal and at a higher speed. It also takes away the hassle of sitting in just one spot at home while surfing the web, because now every corner of the house or office gets a signal. It is a tiny device that can be directly plugged in anywhere. This makes it discreet and not a big hulking networking device that ruins the look and lines of a room. One can set up the extender easily. Most models come with a feature known as plug and play.

You have to plug the Wi-Fi extender and then connect it to the Wifi router with a simple push of a button. The latest models have even made it easier to know the optimal position of the range extender. The correct location of the extender is essential to ensure usability and performance. Incorrectly kept Wi-Fi extender can decrease the signal range. The LED on the front of the device tells which the best place to put the range extender is. Like all other electronic devices, there are some cons to a Wifi extender.

The first limitation is that it is restricted to a home or a small office. One range extender will not be able to cover an entire building or multi-level building. This makes them suitable for small areas only. Another issue with range extender is that they are not built for devices that hog bandwidth. But they are perfectly suitable for phones, laptops, tablets, iPads and even gaming devices. On the other hand, they are so super light in the pocket making them perfect for homes and small commercial places. For flat owners or those on tight budgets, a wifi extender is the best solution to boosting signal strength.